Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This makes me want to sew men's clothing

I came across this blog (love the name and font!), which has really made me want to learn how to sew men's clothing:


(Or win the lottery so that DH could afford bespoke suits.)

This handsome gentleman is a professional wardrobe consultant who has a knee-weakeningly amazing closet.  Some of his posts might not be of much use to the average man (such as what tuxedo weight should be worn on a  late summer evening), but most (like how to pull off a suit without socks), are quite relevant.

I'd love to make something like this for DH to sport:

Or this:

(Check out that lapel!)

Right now there are too many of my own items that I'd like to complete (so selfish, I know!  But I'm not buying anything for a year!) - and I have way too much learning to do before I can move on to tailoring - but I'd love to sew men's clothing in the future.  However, Saville Row tailors spend a lifetime learning how to produce suits and dress shirts. Is learning how to sew fine men's clothing realistic? Have you tried sewing men's clothing with any success?


Katherine said...

I just pointed my husband to the ASW blog and he's asked me to make that buttoned jacket for him! Great minds think alike. He's always asking when I'll sew something for him. My response is usually, "When you ask for something I can make in under 6 months."

Anonymous said...

A man with 50 pair of shoes. I guess shoe obsession isn't just for women.

Maria said...